The Dead Sea the Source of Life


The Dead Sea is one of the lowest points on earth, distinguished by its fascinating environment.

Since ages, its water that is filled with minerals was known for being a source for healing many diseases.

Dead Sea's main attractive elements are its warm and salty waters which is considered four times saltier than other seas and its richness of potash, bromine, magnesium, chloride and other minerals.

The Dead sea has attracted many visitors and tourists who still enjoy swimming and floating in its waters, allowing their bodies to absorb its rich minerals while enjoying the tender                 Jordanian sun.

The rare care of leather and skin has created fortunes of the Dead Sea. As on its shores, the unique black mud accumulates and from its water minerals, we make our Natural Care® products, mixed with essential oils that are natural for health and beauty. 

The twenty-one and more minerals have different curing and cosmetic benefits. Its minerals used in most products including scrubs that smoothes your skin and relaxes your muscles when used in massage.

The Dead Sea is also special for concentration of its minerals that reaches to thirteen times more than other seas.

Twelve of these minerals do not exist in any other sea or ocean Therefore; it may assist in curing some dermatological diseases.

Stemming from our heritage, expertise of our grandfathers and from the shores of River Jordan that is sided by natural herbs, Natural Care®  have used these herbs to produce hair and body lotions that are available in our stores.

Because Nature is intelligent and Creative … and because we are proud of our creativity

Natural Care® has produced what is worth the try…