LESEL International Company established in 1994, ,the company owns 3 brand names  LE SEL ® , NATURAL CARE ® ,  LE PRINCE ® , and is one of the leading international companies in the manufacture of health and beauty care products, which owns many factories in many countries in the world in this field and the high quality manufactures of its products, the owner of the brand Natural Care®, which is managed as a team and competencies and expertise Technical and technical capabilities. It includes highly qualified and experienced individuals with continuous communication with competent local and international consultants in the development of its work.

All its products are made from nature inspired by scientific innovations as far as possible from the chemical structures and are in line with international standards and standards in a safe environment with unmatched quality at moderate prices. All this gave Natural Care® this competitive advantage and global competitiveness. We invite you to enjoy the use of these products, and we can tell you that there are more surprises waiting for you to be prepared in an unconventional way. We look forward to a real partnership with people who believe in our goals and aspirations, to be partners with us in our successes and to reap the benefits and commercial benefits we gain from our joint efforts.